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Photography is so much more than a camera and lenses — we pour our hearts into making your entire experience unforgettable from our very first chat.

And because we know the ins and outs of how events and projects run, we help guide the logistics so that everything flows on the day. If you want our take on locations, shot lists or styling, we’re right here — as much or as little as you need. By the end of the shoot, we’ll be so familiar it will feel like you’ve known us for years.

Meet the team

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Meet the team

Photographer & Director

Originally hailing from the UK, Jen has made New Zealand home; but don't let the distance fool you—her love of a good cup of tea prevails.

She’s married to a kiwi bloke who is just as passionate about the outdoors as she is, and they’re raising two wee dudes, aged 7 and 2, on a lifestyle of travel and adventures. Skiing, biking, surfing—it’s all a family game now. (Even though she admits to being painfully average at surfing after all these years, her enthusiasm knows no bounds.)

More often than not, you’ll find her firmly on the seat of her trusty mountain bike; be it here in Central Otago or in her other happy place, the trails of British Columbia, Canada. For domestic holidays, she believes there's nothing quite like a family camping trip by the ocean, towed by their trusty caravan. Sea air is good for the soul.

When she's not riding the waves or scaling mountains, Jen is an analog artist, crafting moments through film photography. She adores the magic of that one-shot wonder, the anticipation of waiting to see what's been captured. The imperfections and quirks? Those are the treasures she hopes to pass down to her children, distinct memories frozen in time.

So, that's Jen in a nutshell – an adventurous spirit with a heart full of love for her family, a penchant for the imperfect, and a thirst for life's most enchanting experiences.

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Photographer & Director

Pronounced ‘Yay’ – Not the technical pronunciation but everyone loves it and it makes them feel happy. (She's also heard all the ‘Yay’ jokes that come with it so attempt to say one she hasn't heard.)

Yaeh’s a born and raised Cantabrian who embraces her Japanese roots. When she moved from Christchurch to Wanaka she said she'd only give it a year, but fate had different ideas - she's now celebrating 13 years and counting in her little piece of paradise.

Yaeh's whānau is a lively bunch, including two small humans Theo (4) and Boh (2) and her two sun-loving, frisbee-catching pups, Zeppelin and Bonzo. Her husband Henry wears many hats, a snow/bike-loving, gym hustler engineer by day and muso by night. At one point, they had a mini zoo at home with two cats, two dogs, and their two kids creating an orchestra of pitter-pattering feet throughout the house.

Her photography journey, which began somewhat accidentally, has evolved into a heartfelt passion for capturing the beauty of nature and genuine connections between people. Inspired by her father's love for film photography, she cherishes the art of storytelling through images.

But there's a secret side to Yaeh – she's a dancer with a repertoire that includes ballet, gymnastics, ballroom, latin, and hip hop. On Tuesday nights, she transforms into a Zumba instructor, and is always up for a boogie on a wedding dance floor with her couples. It’s no surprise that Yaeh's life would have its own soundtrack, a colourful medley spanning the decades and genres, influenced by her parents' love for the '60s and '70s, her '90s and '00s upbringing, and her husband's rock-inspired taste (and Hakuna Matata, thanks to Theo.)

On her days off, Yaeh embraces the small joys. With a cup of coffee in hand, surrounded by family and friends, sweet tunes playing in the background, she basks in the sunshine of life!

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James is fueled by coffee and a ‘borderline unhealthy’ obsession with cacti and plants (his words, not ours). Alpine green is his favourite colour, which feels rather fitting, all factors considered.

He’s always felt the pull of the outdoors, beckoning him to embark on epic road trips to the picturesque Fiordland and majestic Mount Cook, where adventure and awe await. The Mackenzie region has his heart, if he had to choose just one place in Te Waipounamu (the South Island).

His perfect summer evening would be lakeside at sunset; capturing the display of vibrant energy and natural beauty is magic to this photographer.

The art of setting up and capturing a landscape photo is his meditation, a slow, deliberate process that brings him closer to the flora and fauna of our world. He loves the connection that photography creates between a fleeting moment—the way the light bounces off the water or a belly laugh from friends—and an unforgettable memory.

When he’s not behind the lens, James treasures the moments where he can be with his loved ones and his dogs, preferably with a coffee in hand, and nature nearby.

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Pronounced like ‘five’ with an S.

Sadhbh’s journey started in law school in Ireland, took her over to Vancouver and Montreal, and landed her in New Zealand, where she found a home in Wanaka.

On the weekends you’ll find her flipping through fashion photography magazines, lost in the elegance and detail, or on a local hike marvelling at the flora and fauna. Colour makes her heart happy — clothes, florals, interiors, it all sings to her.

Following her creative pull, she studied documentary film photography, finding magic in darkroom black and white prints. Solo travel allows her to capture more photographic tales, revealing the world's hidden beauty through her lens. She loves the process behind photography, just as much as she loves working with people.

Sadhbh revels in capturing intricate details on film, each shot a story waiting to be told. Her greatest joy is in boosting others' confidence and hyping them up to get the shot.

Happiness, for her, is having breakfast burritos with her loved ones around the table. You’ll find her back around the table later in the day serving up some of her baking creations—she’s an aspiring cake decorator too—with fresh coffee for her friends and family.

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If you have a clear creative vision, we work with you to nurture it. And if you need a helping hand, we show you what’s possible.


We capture the breathtaking love of your day.

It’s about knowing where to look for those heartfelt moments; when to expect those unscripted reactions. We specialise in weddings through Wānaka, Queenstown, and Central Otago, and tailor your experience to your needs, from start to finish. From intimate elopements to lavish celebrations, we capture the memories you want to cherish forever.


A moment can pass in the blink of an eye, so let’s keep the memory forever.

Whether your vision is to catch your toddler's mischievous side, or take a cherished family portrait to hang above the mantelpiece, we’re right there with you. We love connecting with people and capturing what matters the most. We’ve been doing this for long enough to know what works and what doesn’t, and we’re here to create an experience that brings out your happiest memories.


Elevate your brand and business storytelling.

The right imagery can showcase your offerings, your brand, and your passion without even saying a word. Let us craft visual elements of your brand story, whether than be for advertising, social media or print. We’re as at home on a construction site as we are at a winery tasting; creating awe-inspiring, emotive, and striking images that align with your business goals.


Transport your audience into the grandeur of the New Zealand landscape.

The lakes, mountains, and fields are our backyard. We’ve attracted international acclaim for knowing the best times to enjoy the burnt oranges of the sunset, or how to capture light bouncing off the water. Landscape photography is a fine art that must be seen to be appreciated; connect with us to capture the magnificence of this place.

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