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Kate & Hamish
The summer of 2023! The year that colour made a come back. We didn’t know how much we’d missed it until these fab pops of pastel made their way into our lives! The lively and gorgeous tones of Kate’s bridesmaids dresses set the vibe for the whole day. Fun, playful, bright and beautiful… just like this fab bunch of humans. From the moment we stepped through the door we knew it was going to be a goodie. The excitement was palpable and the mood all about the fun times. As people we are all different, and the best part about weddings is that they really are a reflection of your personality. For Kate and Hamish… that was all about the fun and celebration. Celebrating the big things, celebrating the small things. It was all on the table, and boy did they knock it out of the park. BOOM!


The Winehouse


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The snaps


Hair: Beautiful Bridal Hair

Makeup: Liv King

Flowers: Floralcentric

Venue: The Winehouse

Videographer: Bad Panda



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